Montegrappa by Zohiko



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A collaboration with Kyoto’s finest exponents of urushi and maki-e artistry draws from traditional beliefs about luck and prosperity. Master-painters sprinkle silver and gold over a series of exclusive compositions from an atelier that has been practising its craft since 1661. Bamboo, folding fans and vortices are among the elements brought to life through lost wax casting, vermeil and hand-enamelling.

Material: Sterling Silver 925, Resin
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Included: Ink Bottle (50ml)
Length: 151 mm
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 116.00 gr



Kitcho 1599

Kitcho 1561

Kitcho 1600



The creatures of kitcho are examples of ‘kissho monyo’ artistry. Each possesses its own talismanic qualities.

Kitcho 1584

Suzume (Sparrow)

Suzume’s resilience in winter make it an emblem of familial harmony and good fortune.

Kitcho 1585

Tora (Tiger)

The guardian of the west personifies qualities of bravery, strength and determination.

Kitcho 1586

Tsuru (Crane)

Japan’s graceful national bird embodies virtues of longevity, fidelity and good fortune.

Kitcho 1579

Hebi (Snake)

Vitality and good health are inspired by hebi’s capacity for rebirth and survival.

Kitcho 1583

Shishi (Lion)

Guardians of temples throughout Asia, the shishi is a pillar of strength and protection.

Kitcho 1580

Houou (Phoenix)

Appearing only at times of peace and prosperity, houou is a harbinger of new beginnings.

Kitcho 1581

Koumori (Bat)

Phonetic resemblance to the words for happiness and protection make koumuri a good omen.

Kitcho 1582

Kujyaku (Peacock)

Compassion and kindness radiate through the companion of Kannon, Goddess of Mercy.

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