“Bespoke” after-hours at Landolt-Arbenz, Zurich.
Bespoke is a beautiful word to describe someone’s personal belonging, made especially to fit. An object particularly wished and cherished. Tailor-made. Made to order. Montegrappa, specialised since ever to personalise the writing instruments of its affectionate customers, would also add: “Bespoke is easy to define, but challenging to realise…It is an old and noble practice, yet one that has all but disappeared in an increasingly commercial world, especially for items that require technical prowess involving work with metals, precious stones or other materials that are costly and difficult to fashion. Yet! We persist in wishing to satisfy our customers’ every desire, when it comes to memories, passion and affections. A writing jewelry as personal as it can be…we cannot do less than ensure your Montegrappa pen is unique –… to You.”

Montegrappa Scores!

Montegrappa - The Fereshteh Award.

Montegrappa - The Quincy Jones Secret Garden Limited Edition.

“The Prophet” on screen

Bugatti pur sang duotone.

Calligraphy the Soul of Writing.

Montegrappa arrives in Mumbai.

“The Prophet” on stage.

Montegrappa Celebrates Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Montegrappa’s Boutique-On-The-Fly.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.

Montegrappa Welcomes You to BaselWorld 2015.

Del Piero inaugurates his Senna exhibition: “He was a true artist”.

Montegrappa honours the Year of the Goat
Montegrappa continues one of our most-beloved traditions. Our new offering for 2015, created for those who follow the Chinese Zodiac, with appeal, too, for pen collectors in general, honours the Year of the Goat. It communicates the qualities of one of the most charming creatures in the menagerie. Goats enjoy key roles in literatures and the arts, in folklore and fairy tales. They have been used to embody everything from stubbornness to an unduly healthy libido, while reality shows us a different side of the animal: Goats are inquisitive and intelligent, while the wilder breeds that inhabit mountainous regions exhibit remarkable coordination, ideal for maintaining their balance in precarious places. More comically, goats eat almost anything, though their preferred diet consists of the more savoury parts of woody shrubs and trees. Domesticated, they provide milk and meat, their cheeses enjoying global popularity. Their soft hair is woven into clothing.

Montegrappa Salvador Dalí Surrealista Pens Exhibited At Opera Gallery In Dubai.

My Guardian Angel launch in Dubai.

Montegrappa at BaselWorld 2015

Montegrappa writing competitions help aspiring authors to get published.

The scent of Italy

Fine Italian leather

With Lech Wałęsa in Warsaw.

DC Comics

"The Four Seasons" hand painted pens

Fortuna Timepieces

Piacere pens

Lech Wałęsa

A pen Drawing

Salvador Dalí

Write your healing

Milosz Pierwola, Montegrappa Adventurer

Montegrappa's Flagship Store

Montegrappa partnering with two of India’s leading literary festivals.

Montegrappa partnering with two of India’s leading literary festivals.

Montegrappa Opens First Flagship Store in Italy

Montegrappa's Grand Opening in numbers!

Montegrappa in Robb Report’s Best of the Best!

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