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NeroUno Slim

Bartolomeo Ferracina, the 18th Century clockmaker and engineer, is the source of inspiration for Montegrappa timepieces.



Material: stainless steel, leather
Leather strap: leather
Mechanism: quartz
Swiss-made movement: ronda 1062
Case diameter: 40 mm

NeroUno Slim

Montegrappa’s geographical links to timekeeping date back to the work of Bartolomeo Ferracina, the 18th Century clockmaker whose work in Bassano included the clock in the city hall. NeroUno collection began with pens that were designed with an eye to the company’s peerless reputation for classic writing instruments. A natural extension to the iconic NeroUno line, Montegrappa collaborated with the finest Swiss watchmakers to create a line of timepieces which respects the brand’s core elements, while acknowledging the role of the modern watch.