The Lord of the Rings: Doom

Collector’s Edition



Available to ship by Friday 30 September

The makers of the world’s most magical writing instruments join forces with one of history’s most epic and enchanting tales. Montegrappa’s return to darkness reconstructs the many layers of The Lord of the Rings with an ominous new veneer. Around a molten resin core, sculpted silver glows in shades of ruthenium and yellow gold: recalling the peril and dark sorcery of Mount Doom. The Dark Lord awaits.

Material: Sterling Silver 925, Montegrappite Artisanal Resin
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Included: Ink Bottle (50ml)
Length: 161 mm
Diameter: 21.5 mm
Weight: 108.00 gr



More than two dozen detailed artefacts from The Lord of the Rings trilogy are interwoven into a complex, sterling-silver exoskeleton that embodies the Fellowship’s quest to conquer evil.

Sauron’s all-seeing eye looms from above, suspended in the Tower of Barad-dûr. Finished in hand-painted enamel, its menace presides over a pen clearly conceived to rule them all.

Tengwar script from Sauron’s Rhyme of the Ring is seared into a removable, gold-plated replica of his most notorious creation. Its ancient powers remind of the timelessness of high artisanship.

A small-batch remix of the 2019 limited-edition, The Lord of the Rings, glows with layers of ruthenium and yellow gold and a fiery Montegrappite core. Limited to only 137 pieces.

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