Hemingway: The Adventurer

Transcendence and redemption




Some images last forever. Ernest Hemingway’s exploits in Africa remain etched into the folklore of the 20th century. His visits to the continent saw him endure illness, plane crashes and premature reports of his death, yet he regarded it as a place of transcendence and redemption. Intricate micro-milling and engraving captures the continent’s mystique – and luxury travel’s ultimate adventure.

Material: Sterling Silver 925
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18K Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Length: 140 mm
Diameter: 15.5 mm



Hemingway: The Adventurer 1047

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1048

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1050

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1053

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In an age where people are measured by ‘influence’, the enormity of Ernest Hemingway’s legacy becomes difficult to overstate. During his lifetime, his notoriety as an outdoorsman almost eclipsed his formidable reputation as a writer – yet both sides of his life were deeply intertwined. The Montegrappa Hemingway collection pays tribute to a life of many layers. Each is designed with a grandeur and masculinity that few have embodied better than Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1046

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1049

Hemingway: The Adventurer 1052