Extra Otto Sapphirus

Heavenly writing




Montegrappa returns to the age of the Pharaohs with a material the ancient Egyptians worshipped as a source of vitality and divinity…fragments of the goddess Isis. Lapis lazuli has been a staple of jewellery and ornamental design for more than six thousand years. Deep ultramarine, sprinkled with a golden stardust lends celestial character to a silhouette made for heavenly writing.

Material: Lapis Lazuli
Trim: Rose Gold plated Silver
Nib: 18K GOLD
Filling system: PISTON
Packaging: PREMIUM
Length: 138 mm
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Weight: 58.00 gr

+ Limited edition


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Limited production numbers reflect ancient ritual and the complexity of crafting a writing instrument from semi-precious stone. 192 pieces reference the Egyptian manuscripts describing the transition to the afterlife. A high-tech, carbon-fibre core is added to a wafer-thin layers of lapis lazuli to provide lightness and strength. Watch as your writing ascends to a higher level.

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