Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio

Path to redemption



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After Inferno, the Divine Comedy resumes at the foot of Mount Purgatory, where only keys of gold and silver can allow passage to its seven terraces. Here, penitence provides a path to love, redemption and divine grace. Glorious jeweller’s castings trace Dante’s ascent as, one by one, he is rid of his sins. At a summit clad in cloisonné, Earthly Paradise and the cleansing waters of the river Lethe await.

Material: Sterling Silver 925, Montegrappite Artisanal Resin
Trim: Yellow Gold plated Silver
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Length: 149 mm
Diameter: 20.0 mm
Weight: 125.00 gr



Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio 1764

Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio 1763

Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio 1762

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Following Dante’s journey through darkness and depravity, hope returns with Purgatorio, and a master-crafted design that inverts the logic of Inferno. This time, the story begins at the blind cap, where he is marked with seven symbols of Peccatum (sin). As Dante ascends each terrace, an angel’s wing brushes a letter P from his forehead – depicted in fine relief beneath hand-enamelled detailing.

Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio 1765