Bartolomeo Ferracina

A marvel of multi-tasking




Some beautiful objects are made to count time, others to savour it. Very rarely does a product deliver both. Our desire to honour the 19th century Venetian watchmaker Bartolomeo Ferracina provided the impetus for a new, hybrid creation. Exquisite celluloid and sterling silver encase its long, contoured lines, while a tiny clock crowning the pen's cap reminds us to delight in the joy of writing.

Material: Celluloid
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Premium
Watch movement: Miyota-slim
Watch case: 16 mm
Length: 152 mm
Diameter: 19.0 mm
Weight: 81.00 gr



Bartolomeo Ferracina 317

Bartolomeo Ferracina 318

Bartolomeo Ferracina 319

Bartolomeo Ferracina 321

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At a time when fine watchmaking has been recognised as an art, as much as it is a skill, the great horological figures of the past are enjoying new-found respect. Among those who contributed to the development of the machines that tell us the time was Bartolomeo Ferracina, a watchmaker and engineer from Solagna, a little village adjacent to Bassano del Grappa.

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Bartolomeo Ferracina 323


Ferracina produced models of many types and sizes, from pendulum clocks to those with automata, from table to tower clocks, including models with the indication of the lunar phases, the motion of the stars and the zodiac. He managed this even though limiting himself to applying existing knowledge, without having to invent any new mechanisms.