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Emozione – Italian for “Excitement”

Embarking on a journey to touch the soul of the writer, Montegrappa – Italy’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of fine writing instruments – has identified three of the most important human conditions that feed the poet, the songwriter, the belle-lettrist, the lover. Emozione, Desiderio and Passione form a triumvirate of pen families that express our most powerful thoughts and feelings.

Emozione is a multi-layered term, describing both “emotion”, as in all of the myriad feelings with which life is imbued, as well as a particularly intense Italian manifestation of excitement beyond mere enthusiasm. Contrasting with another uniquely Italian quality, that of a certain unperturbed coolness, Emozione defines a lust for life, a celebration of everything that fills one’s existence.

Emozione can be the reaction to an opera, a winning goal, even a marvellous mouthful of wine. It also precedes a much-anticipated event, pending nuptials, the birth of a child. But it is much more: Emozione embraces every feeling or mood, from joy to elation, enthusiasm to excitement. And all of these underscore whatever a writer wishes to express at a particular moment.

To ensure that one’s emotions emerge through the written word, Montegrappa has devised a classic form, one of strength but also one that is enigmatic, for emotions are fluid, volatile, subject to forces we may not even be able to control. Thus, Montegrappa chose the natural material celluloid developed in a pearlised form as the basis for the barrel and cap, for this substance is as changeable in its patterns as anything created by Mother Nature.
The Montegrappa Emozione expresses your moods with a selection of pens coloured in the bold shades of yellow and red, as well as the more intense tones of “butterfly” blue-grey and “charcoal” black. Emozione’s trim is made of 925 sterling silver and the filigree-patterned nib respects the tradition of employing 18kt gold. It is fitted to a natural hard rubber “ebonite” feeder, preferred by Montegrappa for its ink-flow properties.

The Emozione collection embraces Montegrappa’s signature octagonal shape in its top and blind cap, the motif heightened by the octagonal logo pattern on the signature pocket clip and the traditional 1912 logo on the cap top.

Emozione also has a special meaning for Montegrappa, as the range will include a model dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Leopoldo Tullio Aquila. This celebratory edition is available only in pearlised charcoal black, its most distinctive feature being a cap made entirely in 925 sterling silver, embellished with the geometric play of an Art Nouveau pattern.

Emotional writers can satisfy their need from a collection comprised of four writing tools. The Montegrappa Emozione is offered as a fountain pen in both cartridge and converter-fed form, a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. Each exists to express elation and exhilaration for all that life brings your way.